Thuan Nguyen Pham Truong

(27yo) Associate Professor at LPPI (CY) since September 2019

Research topics: His research focuses on developing of functional and nanostructured materials (MOF/COF, carbonaceous and polymeric materials) for energy and environment driven applications. His projects aim to get insight the influence of charged species, in particular redox-active materials, to the understanding of solid – liquid interfaces.

According, specific interests are relied on:
(1) Synthesis of functional materials with controlled electrical and ionic conductivity;
(2) Charge transfer kinetic and mass transport by evaluating different chemical structures at solid – electrolyte interfaces;
(3) Static electrical charges (supercapacitors), electrical to chemical (electrocatalysis, batteries), chemical to electrical (sensors). Also, he is interested in investigations of local electrochemical behaviors at micro/nanoscale.

Thuan Nguyen Pham Truong
Thuan Nguyen Pham Truong