Logos senergy laboratory
Logos senergy laboratory
LPPI and Sensorlab laboratories have recognized expertise in the chemistry of materials dealing with polymer engineering, analytical chemistry, and device optimization. Their integration within a common research project, under the AMSE IALab will allow exploiting the skill complementarities of both research centers. LPPI has very strong skills in polymer material science, which can be of strong interest for Sensorlab to develop new sensors based on cheap, renewable or recycled polymer materials or based on molecularly-engineered conducting polymers. Sensorlab develops powerful sensors or immunosensors based on immobilization of markers (such as (bio)molecules, nanomaterials, proteins…). Utilization of nanomaterials will push the limits of detection of target molecules; which is of strong interest for LPPI to design and process new class of active materials to be incorporated into thin layers of devices (sensors, batteries and photovoltaic cells).

The SENERGYLAB International Associated Laboratory will gather a highly capable group of 16 permanent faculty researchers (10 researchers from LPPI and 6 from SensorLab), with multidisciplinary expertise in electrochemistry, polymer, organic chemistry, surface, numerical modelling and interface physicochemistry.

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