Perovskites-based sensors

Tunable morphologies with perovskite/polymer hybrid materials for optoelectronic application

The hybrid perovskite nanoparticles offer a multitude of application potentialities essentially related to their absorption, luminescence and charge mobility properties. By this study, we intend to associate this compound with insulating or conjugated polymers in order to modify its properties, or to provide other mechanical properties or a greater thermal and chemical stability. These new materials will be tested in at least in three areas of application: as photodetectors, OLED  and hybrid photovoltaics cells. We propose to develop new morphologies in 2D and 3D in which the interaction between polymer and hybrid perovskite will be at the heart of this issue. In particular, we rely on the ability of polymers to play the role of promoting agent of NP germination, encapsulating agent or species allowing charge transfer.

The project is splitted into 3 Work Packages (WPs):
  • WP1 : Precursors elaboration (hybrid perovskite NP in solution or in powder, diblock polymer and their structuration on film) (12 months)
  • WP2 : morphology studies and optimization according to the requested properties  (2D and 3D structurattion) (10 months)
  • WP3 : Applications (Photovoltaic/OLED/photodetector) (8 months)

The project will gather 6 researchers, Pr. Fabrice Goubard (FR), Dr. TT Bui (FR) , S. Peralta (FR), C. Vancaeyzeele (FR), Dr. Natacha Ross (SA) and Pr. Christopher Arendse (SA). 1 PhD student is recruited on the project since Feb. 2020 (Kevin Tambwe).